Multiple genres


Sorry if this has been covered but I couldn’t dig anything up.

Is it possible to select multiple genres to be played randomly? Example: Jazz, Blues, Soul > play

Thank you

Albums > Focus > Click Genre Pie Chart > Select Genres You Want > Play All > Shuffle

Another way!

Choose “Genres” from the sidebar, and then right-click multiple genres to select. Once you’ve made your choices, click the “play” button on the selection bar at the top.

Lol, after seeing that please ignore my suggestion.

My way only works for genres that get displayed on the same screen. Your way works for genres at any level of the hierarchy :smile:

Fantastic. Thank you - being able to do that is a BIG plus for me.

I’m just not sure where/how to activate the shuffle. Is that what the radio function does.

Sorry I’ve just had a few hrs to learn.

Yup, Radio is what you want.

Given the extent to which users are likely to leverage Focus to find subsets of their library I’d like to reiterate an earlier suggestion that’ll enhance its utility.