Multiple installs?

I didn’t know where to post my question or how to start a new thread. I would like to see you allow two installs with the purchased version of Roon. I would like to use my iMac as the server in my main system and my MacBook when traveling or even traveling throughout the house. I have no need for fancy servers and my house isn’t wired for same. Perhaps a small upcharge could be offered for the extra install. JRiver, and I know it is a totally different thing, offers 10 installs and a master license for two different operating systems. It is to cumbersome to disable one computer to enable Roon on another. What are your thoughts?

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We have a few users that have done exactly the above, by purchasing two licenses. Our costs are based on how many computers identify music and download the metadata, which is why we charge per “library”.

We have been thinking about a standalone licenses without remotes connectivity, but that’s not ready yet. I’ll PM with a potential solution.

Just adding my two cents here, a standalone mode of sorts would be great. I’d like to use this on my Home computer and my Work computer and while there. It’s hard to justify 2 separate licenses for such a purpose for me.

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I am also wondering about how to bring Roon when I travel. Currently I have one installation on one MacBook with my music files on a NAS.

We plan to buy a Mac Mini and use as a server and that will work great with our computers in the house, but how can I use Roon when I travel?

I guess I need to run a Roon core/server on both the Mini and my MacBook, but how can I switch my MacBook from client mode to server mode when I leave the house?

As said above, 2 full licenses doesn’t really seem right… (or 3 since my wife probably would like to bring our music on her laptop as well). Perhaps some type of discounted family licence could be applicable in this case.

It seem like there is some information here: Offline mode for client devices

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