Multiple instances of the same Endpoint with different DSP profiles

Is it possible to configure Roon to have multiple instances of the same Endpoint, but with different DSP profiles loaded for each instance?

Use case
My headphone amplifier is fed off the Tape Out feed of my Moon Amplifier (which doesn’t have a headphone out) taking the Analogue out from my Naim NDS/555 and routed through to all analogue Class A Headphone amp. By selecting ‘Monitor’ on the input and lowering the volume to zero, the output to the speakers is not amplified, but the line level feed is passed out to the Headphone amp.

All works well, no additional “lesser” DAC stage or separate streamer/render required.

But I now have a Convolution filter for my current headphones, B&W P5 Wireless, but used Wired in this instance, that does improve the performance. At present, the DSP Preset for the headphone is applied to the same endpoint as when listening through speakers, where there is no DSP applied.

Can I created a second instance of the endpoint, one for Speaker use with no DSP applied, and one for Headphone use with the DSP profile applied?


I have also been thinking about this. Especially where you might use multiple headphones from one amp.

I don’t think there is any way to do this. I asked for it years ago and got no response.

Edit: One Device, Multiple Speakers/Headphones

Good to know I am not alone with this type of setup and requirement.

Added a vote to your feature suggestion.

Alternatively a displayed ‘mode’ for the endpoint, E.g. Speakers, Headphones, Night time (with reduced bass and volume limits).

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I may not be following along properly, it happens frequently. But I have endpoints I use with different dsp settings per headphone. Something like so:

I’ve setup convolution filters and eq’s and and . . . I just need to remember to select the correct output. Select and go.

If I am not on the correct page, my apologies.

Roon’s predecessor Sooloos had this.
It is useful.
But there is no linkage between the Roon settings and the settings on the equipment, so it’s easy to get the wrong DSP.

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Personally I think the DSP preset system works fine for this, just label them accordingly if they have been create for a specific zone. I don’t want to have multiple zones for the same system cluttering things up, would confuse the hell out of other users.

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Yes, these are the DSP presets, that can be applied to an endpoint, once the endpoint is selected.

My request, is that an endpoint with a DSP preselected is the same as a Zone, and an endpoint can have multiple instances, so that ‘Living Room - Speakers’ is the endpoint but with one DSP profile, and ‘Living Room - Headphones’ is the same endpoint, but with a different DSP profile already selected, so there is no switching of DSP profiles.


Why is switching a dsp profile any more complex than switching a zone. Either way you switch something. Why would you want to create multiple endpoints just to apply different dsp to them, when there’s already a solution for having preset dsp favourites at your fingertips.

Perhaps I’m just not understanding why that is inconvenient or unsuitable in any way?

A thought, but many endpoints have multiple capabilities. Like my dac can do airplay and also roon direct. So I could enable both, and put different dsp on each.

Not quite, at present I have to select the endpoint, and then select the DSP profile for the appropriate mode for that endpoint (headphone or speakers)

I would like either a mode selector for an endpoint, with a visible indicator of the mode, or the ability to have separate zones using the same endpoint but with different DSP profiles applied.

If it more after listening on headphones with their own convolution filters, I forget to remove it. Then next time I am listening through speakers and start panicking, as the SQ is off, that something is wrong, something change and then realise the headphone setting is still applied to the endpoint.

Perhaps this doesn’t require multiple end point selections, instead, Easier DSP preset changes.

DSP presets could pop up on the main screen with one button press like zones

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Indeed. For example I’d love a low level listening button that lets me tweak bass and treble for low level listening.

I think automatic profile based variable loudness is the go.

RME has it on their Adi 2 fs Dac. It works great.

Simply set your maximum boost, and the software changes boost amount based on gain/attenuation.

I get around this by running a tuning slope from 20hz to 20khz.
About -6db across the spectrum.
Easier access to onscreen presets could work too.

That would only be useful if roon was in control of the volume. I run fixed level out of roon for my streamer.

Another example: I have speakers and 5-6 headphones that I connect to the same Roon Ready DAC and I have different EQ for each of them. So every time I change between them, I have to go into the DSP menu and change my preset.

Worse, I often get a ways into a listening session and think “that just does not sound quite right” and realize that I’ve been listening with the wrong EQ. The difference can be fairly subtle, but when I realize it, I feel like Roon caused me to have a sub-optimal listening experience. (Of course, it is my own fault at heart, but Roon could make it easier.)

I’d be fine with having the DSP shown on the main screen and/or the signal path screen, but I’d prefer virtual end-points for ease of use.

I’d also love the end-point icon to able to be set as part of the DSP preset, but that is another request. :slight_smile:

Lastly, I think the upsampling options belong in the end-point configuration, not the DSP since most end-points will connect to a single DAC (or device with a DAC built-in). Or, it could be in both with the DSP option provided to override the base end-point settings.