Multiple issues since changing software RAID setup

Roon Core Machine

Windows Server 2012R2, Intel i7-3770K, 32GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

DrayTek Vigor2860L + VigorAP 910C

Connected Audio Devices

2 x PC
2 x iPhone
1 x iPad
2 x RoPieee
1 x Oppo UDP-203

Number of Tracks in Library

450,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I recently upgraded my machine’s software RAID setup to using Division-M’s Drive-Bender (I was running Flexraid T-Raid previously with no issues).
A few things have come up since:

Issue 1. Roon can’t browse the drive created by Drive-Bender.

clicking on drive X, get the Unauthorized error (see pic)instead of the directory list.
Permissions on that drive have the permission: Everyone = Full control. and it is browsable on the machine. (This used to work when with other RAID software)

Of note that’s different to my previous setup is the driver/device name under the drive name, in this case “StorLib Virtual Storage” (Perhaps their API doesn’t expose something that is expected and Roon errors?)

the drive will add though:

Issue 2. The library is empty (even with shares Roon can see). Doing “Force Rescan” returns instantly.

Issue 3. None of my audio devices are showing up anymore

Any help is appreciated as I’m stuck being Roonless at the moment…

Any chance anyone from Roon can help with this? I’m completely stuck.

I am assuming with this many different issues, it is most likely an installation corruption or something like that, but I didn’t want to just uninstall/reinstall as I don’t want to lose my database.

Firewalls? I hope you still have all the data on the drives someplace

If you setup a normal core on a Windows/Mac and try to access with it work…just ruling out the server part under your WS 2012

Hi Wizardofoz,

I have the data, as in, it’s still where it’s always been. I haven’t changed anything.
So network setting changes either.
Roon (on the server) can’t see a local drive (on the server)

I am 99% it’s a driver issue and the roon file explorer software is failing when it is attempting to read the drive information.
It would require someone from Roon to look at the logs.
It is possible for someone from support to please help (a paying customer)

This is what I get running Roon on the server.
So, Drives, server and client all on the same machine

(After a restart I sometimes get back to this app, which has no library or audio devices.)

I can confirm the issue with Roon not seeing the drives exposed by Drive Bender seems to limited to drive bender as a software raid

I just installed StableBit and room see that share fine:

This is with StableBit (Browsing the root folder)

This is with driveBender:

As these boith work and Windows Explorer and multiple other devices (Apple TV etc). I can only assume it’s a Roon issue.
Is there any way you can add support for the virtual drive exposed by DriveBender please?

(Just to reiterate, permission are set to Everyone-full control, so it’s not a permissions issue)

Bump. Anyone? Please!

Share permissions, NTFS/file system permissions or both??

Under what user account is the Roon process being run; does that have the relevant access to both the share and the file system?

Domain Administrator account.
and share and security are set to everyone/full control.

As I mentioned, this works fine on anydrive where the driver isn’t ‘StorLib Virtual Storage’ (which is what is changed)

I am 99% sure the issue lies with the virtual driver not exposing properties which Roon expects when it attempts to read the drive.
Could a Roon dev please chime in?

bumping this