Multiple libraries?

Just wondering if it is possible to have more than one “library” in Roon. I have 2 distinct sets of music that I would prefer to keep separate though would ideally like to be able to browse both through Roon - without having to add and remove folders each time. Something like a button or a quick menu option to change library. If this is not possible at present then I would like to suggest it as a feature :smiley:

Add both Library Folders as separate Watched Folders…you can have several Watched Folders…I’m not sure if there is a limit

Enter Focus…Inspector [on right]…Storage Locations…Click on the Folder(s) you want to focus on…Roon will only display Albums from those Folders

The best way to do this right now would be to figure out a way to focus on each set of music.

You could do this using tags, or by watching two different watched folders and using Inspector’s Storage Location feature. How you focus on each of your “sets” will depend on how you store your collection.

Once you’ve Focused on one set of music, you can save that view using our Bookmarks feature.

So you could have one bookmark for Jazz, and one for Classical, and both would always be a click away. Hope that helps @extracampine!

so what if I have the same music, but on different devices? At home, I stream from my NAS… but a few times year I go to local music group meetups and it would be nice to take along the mac mini and a USB hard drive with a replicated copy of my library to demo the Roon experience. what’s the best way to accomplish that?