Multiple location support

I have 4 Roon cores, obviously I can only use 3 at a time, because I can’t buy more licenses, but it seems really silly that I spend ANY time editing my local database and can’t see the same edits on other systems…
If I can get my music synced across there servers, then I would think ROON could figure out how to let us share my database across the network… Or have a “master core” that has the database on it… my units are all on the same network.
Please? Sugar on top? seems like it has been discussed for a LONG time, so we know folks want the feature…

Why do you have more than one core on the same network?

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While I understand the request, to be broadly useful it would probably have to work with cores in different locations and networks, separated by the internet.

Why do you have 3 cores in one network? And there is a limit on how many licenses one can buy? Why?
Curious minds want to know, Thanks :slight_smile:

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would love to keep a core at my work and my core at home in sync!

or at least to be able to stream from my core at home to my iphone or macbook.
and in some cases to take playlists or even the whole DB in “offline-mode” with me, in case i going to travel somewhere without internet.

the roon team is working on it, but we havent heared improvements here for years now…

That’s a request I can understand and support, but the OP seems to be wanting to sync three or four cores that are all on the same network. I can understand the desire to sync them, but don’t understand how the OP came to be in this position.

Hey Dave, the 3 cores are in different rooms, the Taiko and Pink Faun players sound best when playing local files vs streamed over the network, so the only way to do this is using them as individual cores. (unless I’m missing something obvious) Using them as an endpoint means the files are streamed from1 core to the endpoint.

Fair enough. In which case I can see why you would want to synchronise them rather than edit the same info three times. However, I would suspect that your setup is very much an edge case, i.e. running multiple cores on the same LAN, so I don’t think your feature request will gain a huge amount of traction.

No, what seems really silly is paying for three Roon licenses to run in the same house on the same network. I seriously doubt there is any significant SQ difference versus streaming from one core to multiple end-points.