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Windows 10 Acer Aspire 5

Roon v1.7 build 610 64 bit for Windows

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Issue is data related

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Naim Uniti Star - wired Ethernet

Description Of Issue

I am a few days into my Roon trial to see if I want to subscribe. One of the most attractive features of Roon is the auto selection of the highest quality version.

However I hit a snag here. Last night I was listening to an album I have ripped from my CD to a bit perfect WAV copy. However, Qobuz currently has a 24bit version of the album streaming.

So I was expecting Roon to select the Qobuz version instead of the local but it had the local WAV copy set as primary.

I tried to manually set the Qobuz version to primary and now it has created a duplicate in my library of the album instead of coalescing the data.

I am now unable to unset the Qobuz version as primary or find any way to undo what I have done.

I did the same to 4 other albums of the artist. Two of the albums it correctly merge and the other two it also created copies of like it did with the first one.

So the question is twofold:

  1. Why did it not auto select the Qobuz version as the bit rate is higher?
  2. How can I remove the primary mark on either the WAV version or the Qobuz version so that I have one instance of the album in my library again?

This is likely because the Qobuz version is a different release and catalgue number so it won’t be grouped with your cd version. Only exact same releases will group this is expected behaviour as it is not the same album in reality. You can group them manually though. On tablet or pc goto to album browser find the albums click on one for a few seconds until you see the menus change then click on the other. Click on the 3 dot near play now and choose edit. From this menu choose group alternate versions. This will then group them as one album and Qobuz will be the default one.

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That explains the matching a bit better thanks.

And it certainly gave me a way to restore the previous state, thank you!

But now it plays the WAV again as primary.

What I just still find confusing is that if it does match like this why does it initially list the Qobuz version under the “Other versions” tab. It is almost as if it initially knows it is the same album until but does not resolve the highest quality version. And then it forgets it was the same album if I try and set the Qobuz version to the Primary.

Never had that issue. It’s a different version of the same album so will be under versions. But it’s not the same release as your cd so will be treated as another album in your collection. This allows users to have hires or deluxe or remasters seperate if required but you can group them if you want. As this is two seperate releases, you grouped them likely selecting the cd version first so it’s used that as primary. Change the primary it should then stick going forward. It’s all expected behaviour as Roon can’t choose which one you want from two different releases as they are not the same.

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I was not aware that Roon could be set to select the highest quality version.
Is there a setting for this?

Yeah this makes sense. I still don’t know why it reverted back to the WAV as primary but perhaps it is better to have the items as separate in die collection after all.

Thank you for taking the time to respond :slightly_smiling_face:

Apparently selecting the highest quality from duplicates is standard functionality.

Hmm not that I’ve experienced.

Been using it a full two days, haha!

But between Tidal and Qobuz it has consistently selected the highest quality available if I played the main album and do not select a specific version out of the two.

Maybe it’s a different use case to mine.
I have a bunch of mp3 albums in my library and I’d like Roon to automatically select a higher quality tidal version where available.

As far as I can tell, Roon prefers the library version unless you specifically tell it otherwise for each individual album.
I was hoping there was a way to do this automatically.

Hmmm, if this is the case it may be exactly what I am experiencing. But it could also be related to the answer above, I guess, depending on the file metadata.

You’ll need to add an alternative version to your library first.

Ok my server is possessed or something. Maybe it was a new update but between this morning and now it now allows me to consolidate the albums as I wanted.

Yes, as I thought. Pity, that’s a miss from Roon imho

I don’t think so …

If I add a release to my collection it’s because I prefer that over others. Often my CD rips are far better than more recent remasters with a higher sample rate and/ or bit depth.

Therefore add preferred releases to your collection, merge similar releases under Versions and choose your primary (preferred) releases.


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