Multiple profiles - what is unique and what is common?


Apologies if this has been covered before but I couldn’t find the answer. I have read this:

When you have two user profiles, I am unclear what exactly is unique to each user and what is common. That article mentions playlists, tags and favourites can be configured per-user. I would have also expected Bookmarks to be unique to each user but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

I have set up a 2nd profile for my wife, and am trying to work out the best strategy for her to be able to easily get to the music she likes, while keeping my own setup for me.

How are other people managing this?

Second question… there is currently no way to limit what the 2nd user can do to the library… right? Ideally I would like to allow her to create/modify things only that are unique to her profile, while preventing her from making changes to things that are common to all users.




I can only answer your first question fully as I have exactly the same requirement. I just used Shared Tags. My wife has a relatively small collection of music she likes listening to. These albums have a few common tags (mainly compilation albums which can be tricky to search for). I showed her how to filter by Tag and now she can access most stuff very quickly with out any need for ‘tech support’. I tag albums on import when they are imported in a batch and it is quick and easy.

With regard to your second question, I think this lack of an ‘Admin’ function in Roon is a current limitation. Any user I believe can change anything. Not a good idea for ‘party’ mode use cases but I am certain this is on the roadmap but do not know the priority.

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I guess each user has thejr own play history and discovery may recommend different things? not really sure not really explored it properly as it does not seem to do much.