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I reported that after installing the latest two builds from Roon my screen flickered. I thoght that this would be caused by the latest build of Roon but now I think there is different reason and would like to get support from the Roon team.

I do use two MacBooks as clients. I realized that as soon both clients are active and getting connected to the Core the flickering starts. If I quit one client the flickering is gone and the SW is stable.
Funnily if I a MacBook is active and I access via the IOS app the client remains stable and does not flicker.

So my question to the Roon team: is there any know issue with using multiple clients accessing the Core?

Hi @martin_foerster ,

Thanks for the report!

Did you use Time Machine or any backup software to restore the Roon app between the two Roon clients? Were the Macbook clients ever used as Cores in the past or only to connect to the Antipodes?

All of the above: no. They were used as clients to the Antipodes only.
And it worked until installing 2.0 properly.

Hi @martin_foerster ,

Are you still seeing this behavior at the present time? If so, can you please upload a video of this issue to the following link and let us know once uploaded? I’d like to see if we can get to the bottom of this issue, thanks!

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