Multiple resolutions within one album makes Roon Lock up

Hey @support,

I purchased the 24 bit deluxe edition of Dylan’s new bootleg series, “Trouble No More”. It’s a spellbinding collection. It has mixed rates between 24/96 and 24/44.1. When it switches tunes with different resolutions Roon stops playing. I have to hit the play button twice and then the tune plays. Only hiccups when it goes from one resolution to another. I am using HQ Player to upsample everything to 24/192 PCM.

Is there a workaround for this? Just annoying when playing an 8 disc set and it stops randomly. Thanks for any info on this!

I would isolate the issue to see if it is with Roon or with HQPLayer. Try playing it with just Roon and no HQPLayer.

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Will do. Thanks!