Multiple Room Configurations

I would like to be able to create multiple zone configurations and pick and choose from them. Example, have on configuration with Outdoor and Kitchen, I’ll call that A. Then another configuration with Outdoor, Kitchen and Family Room with that one called B.

I should then be able to select an audio zone of Outdoor, Kitchen, Family Room, A or B. Hopefully that makes sense.

Just easier than having to go on their and create each time you want to group and ungroup.

I think what you are suggesting has already been suggested here and has 40 votes. If this is indeed the same add your thoughts and vote there…

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Thanks Phil, I didn’t catch that one on my search. Appreciate the reply!!!

Mark, I’m going to unlist this topic and thread, since it’s essentially a duplicate of the “Save Grouped Zones” request. Please add your vote to that request by clicking the Vote button at the top of the thread. Thanks.