Multiple Roon servers

Hi, my house has multiple listening areas consisting of apple AirPlay devices (such as Zeppelin’s and receivers) and a main listening area with an USB DAC connected to a headless PC.

Right now, Roon server is installed on the headless PC, but what that means is I need to keep this PC on regardless if I am in the main listening area or not.

I would like to install Roon server on my server in the basement so that it can be running all the time. But since the headless PC does not have a video card, I can’t install the regular Roon application on it. Plus, I control this PC via rdp and control Roon via the iOS app.

Can I install Roon server twice in my network? A main server instance in the basement serving all Roon services and another instance on the headless PC so I can use my USB dac in the main listening room?

Thanks! Hammer

While it is technically possible to run multiple servers on the same network, it is probably not the solution you are looking for – not to mention it would require two licenses.

Early 2016 will see the release of RoonSpeakers, which will enable you to run a software endpoint on the headless PC connected to your DAC, while running RoonServer on the basement server. You can control the RoonSpeakers endpoint from whatever Roon Remote you are using (Mac, PC, tablet).

There’s quite a thread about it here: