Multiple Roon windows/tabs

Lifetime member here, and I’m so thankful for all that Roon does. I do have a request to the team though… it would be great to be able to have multiple windows of Roon open so that the album/playlist you are listening to remains in full view (with all the tracks and such) but when venturing down the rabbit hole (that Roon is so good at) it would open in another window or tab so you could explore all you want without having to navigate back to the current album being played. Perhaps I’ve missed something here and this is already possible, but I’ve not seen how yet.

Cheers, and keep up the fantastic work!

It would be very helpful indeed and a bunch of people agree but not many views on existing requests


Ugh, that’s not good. C’mon Roon… let’s get this sorted! Perhaps now that Harman has acquired them they will have more resources to put towards our feature-requests.

Is there a formal way to merge redundant feature requests?

It’s interesting seeing all the support for this feature being distributed like it is.

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It happens all the time when people forget to search for or don’t find existing threads.

Moderators will sometimes merge them, but I don’t know if there’s a formal process

No, no formal process, only serendipity…

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I would LOVE such a feature. Multi-tabbed Roon, please put it on the “most wanted” list!

Please vote for the feature if it is important to you - “me too” posts don’t count. The Vote button is at the top of the topic thread. Thanks.

never noticed the Vote button - reading took all my attention :grinning:

So I’m listening to Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb and I’m reading the song and album notes delivered by Roon, and then I think, well I’m going to listen to Gilmour’s new song out of his new yet-to-be published album and listen if he’s still up to it. And when I start listening I realize - I lost the notes I was reading and I wasn’t finished.

We’re 2024. EVERY serious content-delivery application can handle some go-there-and-come-back, and tabs are an easy way to handle this.

Come on Roon, you can do this.