Multiple RoonBridges [answered]

Based on everything I’ve read, it sounds like I should be able to have more than one RoonBridge running on the same network and be able to use them at the same time. The issue I’m running into is that I have two RoonBridges running on two Raspberry Pis and each work great when they’re the only RoonBridge connected. But when I connect both, the Roon app on my desktop only sees one of them, and seems to get confused as to the audio devices. For example it will show BridgeA with BridgeB’s devices. The only thing I can figure is that I cloned the SD card when building the second Bridge. Thinking there was some kind of unique ID generated at install, I tried re-installing RoonBridge on that device with the same result.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


@anon27032421, I guess you will find your solution here: [RoonBridge on RPi strange audio setup behaviour - UUID?]
(RoonBridge on RPi strange audio setup behaviour - UUID? [SOLVED])

Quote from that thread:

RoonBridge generates and writes out a unique id into its data directory on first run and uses that to identify itself to RoonServer. Clear out /var/roon on the second device (or hunt down and delete the RAATServer/Settings/unique_id file) and it will generate itself a new one next time it starts up.

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Awesome, thanks! Guess I was on the right track. Cleared /var/roon and I’m back in business!

I had this problem today, I cloned the SD card for a Raspberry pi to another one, configured distinct static IP address and got the networking sorted, but then Roon would only recognize one at a time. I even tried reinstalling roonbridge. The setup script should clear out /var/roon as part of the setup, or at least ask if the user wants to clear and re-init the ROON_ID_DIR. Since it doesn’t, they both had the same uuid and would apparently step on each other in the Roon core.

sudo systemctl stop roonbridge && sudo rm -rf /var/roon && sudo systemctl start roonbridge

That cleared the issue, now both audio zones show up in Roon and work fine.

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