Multiple servers

I have three servers on loan to audition. We set one up last night and it worked fine. Today, we tried to set a second one up but were told that we already had a server and had to buy another account, which I don’t want to do because I’ll only have one server once I’ve selected the one I like best.

Could you please let me know how I can try the other two servers.

You can move the license from machine to machine, which might help.

Install full Roon on all machines then in Settings -> General click the Disconnect button, this will be for your current core.
On the resulting screen connect to the core you want.

If you have a Remote connected to the old core, you’ll have to disconnect/reconnect it.

Only for testing as changes made under one core, e.g. endpoints, will be lost to new core. Although, of course, you can always rediscover them.

You could if your music is still in the same location … NAS or usb drive attached to the core you are now testing, use a backup of the database from the first setup to restore onto the next setup and so on