Multiple SONOS devices cause "Roon lost control of the audio device"

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Gigabyte Gaming 5 with 4790K intel CPU. 32 GB DDR3 RAM
Most current Roon, but I do not know how to find the build number.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
My network is a hybrid of ethernet, ethernet over powerline, and mesh wifi. My router is an ASUS RT-AX92U, 2.4, 5.0 (2) GHz, cat 6, Netgear Powerline adapter.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
The SONOS devices are a mix of one playbar, numerous connect and connect-amps, all gen 1. Total of seven SONOS devices. I also have a Allo player, and a set of Klipsch Speakers being run by my office computer (these are RAAT and can not be grouped with the SONOS devices.)

Description Of Issue
Roon seems to be unable to run more than one SONOS device at any one time. I would love to be able to control all the SONOS devices at one time.

Each SONOS device works with Roon flawlessly. When I group more than two SONOS devices Roon gives the error message “Roon lost control of the audio device”. I have tried to adjust the Hardware Buffer size but can not find where to do that. And I can not find where to put in the event-driven mode WASPAPI only. I did set the resync delay to 500 mS.

My music is stored on a Netgear NAS but all of the testing I have done is using Qobuz in case the NAS has difficulty keeping up with Roon.

I would love to be able to set the 3 Hardware buffers next but can not find this in Roon.


Do they work if grouped using Sonos?

Yes. But I would like to get them all working on Roon. I am wondering if my mesh network may not be good enough. Unfortunately, I live in a house that has some concrete walls that we can not run ethernet through, so we use powerline adapters to tie the network together. Thanks for the advice, this is a SONOS system one, I am not planning to move to system two.

Hi @Michael_Hoban,

Can you please try to eliminate the powerline adapters from the equation?

If you connect your Core + 2 Sonos zones only to the mesh network (or to an unmanaged switch off the mesh), are they able to be grouped properly?

I got a couple of zone bridges I am adding to the system, we’ll see if that helps.

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My house has a brick wall in the center, so I’ve had to do a powerline segment to get through the wall. So the house is essentially two network zones on the same network. The first zone is where the cable enters the house and has the first and primary node of my mesh network. The second zone has my secondary node of my mesh network. The backhaul is the ethernet over powerline segment. My problem with the SONOS system was solved by making sure that there was a SONOS product connected by ethernet to the primary node and another SONOS product connected by ethernet to the secondary node. I removed the two Zone Bridges from the system because the Zone Bridges are older technology and only have one wifi antenna, while most SONOS products have two. The system appears very stable and I can group all of the SONOS units. Thanks all for the help!!

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Hi @Michael_Hoban,

Thanks for letting us know that you were able to resolve this issue with the network changes! If you run into any other difficulties with Roon, please just let us know and we’d be happy to take another look!

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