Multiple Tidal Accounts (at least family account support)

Hi there my beloved makers of the Roon!

I am using Tidal as my main source in a multi room setup. It would be very clever to give every user the possibility to add his tidal account.

It is not because playback stops if two people are listening, but every user needs his tidal to add songs and find songs they added on the go in the tidal app.

Please add this!



Thirded…I need this. My wife wants access to her Tidal playlists and albums when we’re at home, but she’s stuck with what I have. It’s actually the same Tidal account, just different users on the account. If Tidal an accommodate family user accounts, Roon should be able to too.

Same here,…

Got two users in Roon, but we are doomed to use the same Tidal account…
PLease change to 1 tidal account per 1 Roon user

Please change it, it makes no Sense having a multi user multi room software that uses only one streaming account!!

Well I agree - seems Roon does not & expects families to pay for separate accounts. Not a family friendly attitude - driven by bottom line (I assume, rather than technical constraints). Yet, I can’t imagine many families would purchase more than 1 account as it is; it really makes no sense in the 1 household.

I can appreciate the complexity it would add to the Roon app which is built around there being just a single user. It would be nice for a future version to become truly multi-user where upon signing in you chose a profile (just like Netflix). The more profiles, the more Roon will have to work in order to create the proper experience for each user. Different Roon profiles could be connected to different streaming accounts.

Well, there are profiles available in Roon now, but I agree that they are but a pale shadow of what is needed…