Multiple Tidal accounts on one Roon core

Hello Forum!

Using Roon as a Multiroom Software I have following question:

Is it possible to add muliple Tidal Accounts to Roon? Our situation:

Upstairs is my living room and office, I listen mostly to Tidal files. I have a family account with 5 Users.
Upstairs I use a Kef LS50Wireless

Downstairs is our workshop, where my brother listens to Tidal files over the same Roon core with the KEF LSX. He also uses Tidal as part of my family account and got his own User in Roon. But when he uses Roon with his User Account he uses “my” Tidal library - it is not possible to listen to different Tidal songs on both sound systems.

Is there a way to use more than one family tidal accounts on one Roon core? Would be very practical - otherwise it is not really a mulit room multi user setup…


At present this is not possible, there are other that have requested this over in the #roon:feature-requests section of the forum.