Multiple Variants of a Compser’s Name

With certain composers, say Bach, albums are apportioned among multiple variants such as “J.S. Bach,” “Johann Sebastian Bach,” or “Bach, Johann Sebastian, (1685-1750).” How do I combine all my Bach albums under a single variant? Same problem with Beethoven.

Interesting - I’d expected that Roon would treat those two as one. Not so the “musichi style” entry with years though.

As for the question: have you tried to merge the composers into the one composer entry you want to keep? (see also here)

A search for “Bach” should list the variants so you can then select them for merge (more) easily. Of course you have to check not to merge all the Bachs into one if there’s a CPE or one of the others in your library too. In this regard “Beethoven” is less difficult … :wink:

Thanks for your reply. I have multiple Bachs, including both ancestors and descendants of J.S. So yes, I want to keep them separate from JS. I will try your solution.

Again, thanks for your response, but as a semi-demi illiterate computer user, I ‘m still confused.

Sorry to hear (read) - I suppose you had a look at the Knowledge base article I’ve linked to above? It describes the procedure somewhere in the second half.

When you are in the Composer Browser …

… you can narrow down the displayed entries by filtering for “Bach”, like this:

Then, select (right click) the entries you want to merge … see the button emerging on the top right:

Clicking that one gives you a choice into which of the entries you want to merge the selected composers:

I hope this helps.