Multiple versions of a song queued


Say as an example, I have several different versions of DSOTM. The versions arent’ “merged”.

If I then pull up a bookmarked focus group that includes DSOTM, and I give the “thumbs up” to a specific song from one of the versions of DSOTM, on playback something strange happens:
If I have, say, 3 versions of DSOTM, the song I’ve chosen to play back as part of the focus group will appear 3 times in the playback queue - one time from each of the 3 versions of the of DSOTM.

I thought at first this was happening only with multiple versions of an album I’ve defined as a “group” of alternate versions. But it is also happening with multiple versions of an album when I haven’t defined them as a group.

Clearly, if I give the “thumbs up” to a specific song in the queue for a focus group, I only want that one version of the song to playback, and not all the “album group” versions of the song, one after another.



@support, Solutions?


Hey @danny2 – we think we know the issue, and this is already resolved for 1.3.

Sorry for the trouble here!

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Thanks for the reply. Hope 1.3 arrives soon!:slight_smile:

In the screenshot above, the next track on the queue is “Eric Clapton”.
What this really is, is “Cocaine” from the album “Slowhand”. Notice that it says that its length is 0:00 and that it has “2 parts”.
What actually gets played is first, “Cocaine” from my local 24/96 version of “Slowhand”. Next, “Cocaine” is played again, this time from the Tidal 35th Anniversary version of “Slowhand”.

I thumbed up “Cocaine” only once and it added both versions at once.

You can see that it’s about to do the same with MJ’s “Liberian Girl” futher down the queue (this time with the right amount of time instead of 0:00).

2 parts of ‘Liberian Girl’:

It didn’t display like this for “Cocaine” though. For “Cocaine” the ‘now playing’ pane above displayed each track separately, not as part of a multi-part work.
Very strange.

I have multiple pressings of the same cd’s in my library. Recently I am having the songs from all the pressings show up as one track cut into multiple parts. It’s annoying because I can’t get them to stop repeating and have to cycle thru them. You can see the example from Sgt. Pepper below. Is there a fix?



Another example: I picked a single song from a CD of the Who’s “Tommy” from the list that appears when loading a focus group (“thumbs up”); the whole CD is playing, one song after another, not simply the song I gave a thumbs up to.

I think this latest one is because Tommy is considered as a work and so the whole work is played. There have been requests to chage this behaviour for the purposes of Radio in particular.