Multiple versions of albums are not being stacked/grouped

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

ROCK on an i5 Intel Nuk

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Asus router

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Description Of Issue

I have multiple versions of albums that are not being stacked as versions in the library view. See attached screenshot. Can you help me troubleshoot this?

Select all the different releases of the same album (two-finger select on iPad) and click Edit in the bar that appears across the to of the screen. Then select Group Alternate Versions.

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Roon will only automatically group different versions of an album if those versions contain the exact same songs (in number and order) although the formats can be different, e.g. CD quality and hi-rez.

For example, I have four versions of the Beatles “Revolver”, which Roon automatically grouped together (in other words I did not have to manually group the albums as outlined by Martin above) and all 4 versions have the same 14 songs in the same exact playing order.

Please do a search for “versions” in the Roon Knowledge Base for more complete information and details on how to set your file tags to conform to Roon so that alternate versions of an album are properly grouped together.

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Hi @Luis_Puncel,

If you navigate to Settings | General is Show Hidden Tracks and Albums set to Yes? If so, set this to No and it should work for you.

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