Multiple versions of an album from Library not appearing in Discography with Library on


First of all, I would like to say how happy I am with Roon 1.8. It’s a major improvement, there is absolutely no question about it!!

I have just a minor gripe to report : when you own multiple versions of the same album, you cannot find them back in ‘Discography’ with the ‘Library’ filter on. There is systematicaly only one version that appears. In order to find back all the versions, you have to go back to ‘Overview’ and scroll down to your Library… This is a bit akward because, ‘Focus’ can only be accessed via ‘Discography’ (or ‘Composition’) and not ‘Overview’.

I’m sorry if this problem has already been reported. I’ve been through the different recent posts but couldn’t find anything about it.

Thanks very much for your feedback,


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