Multiple Versions of Songs Using App?

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Sonore Sonic Transporter I5 and Ultrarendu

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Border Patrol DAC SE

Description Of Issue
When I play songs stored on the internal 1TB SSD of the Sonic Transporter, for some reason 2 or 3 versions of the same song, all in the same AIFF file format, show up as available versions under the main song when I use the app through my iPhone or iPad.

These multiple versions are not showing up when I control Roon using my Macbook Pro. So a given album has like 3-4 times as many songs as it’s supposed to and most of them are repeats

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Hi @Greg_Johnson1,

On the remote device if you navigate to Settings | General and set Show Hidden Tracks and Albums to No, this should resolve things for you.

Hi. It didn’t work

Hi @Greg_Johnson1,

Can you please share a few screenshots of what you are seeing on the OSX remote vs the iOS remotes? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to this site.

Also, can you confirm that you are using the same Roon profile on both Roon Remotes?

– Noris

It is happening with my iphone as remote, not my macbook pro. How do i screenshot something on my iphone?

Hi @Greg_Johnson1,

You can use these instructions to capture screenshots on your iPhone and then you can upload them here. You can upload directly from your iOS device by navigating to this thread in Safari and then using the “attach picture” button in the bottom right-hand corner when typing up your reply.

– Noris

Here are screenshots. On my iphone, there are two issues:

  1. Some albums get doubled up (first screenshot)

  2. Within a given album, somehow I get multiples of a given song

Hi @Greg_Johnson1,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots. I would expect to see this kind of behavior if you have accidentally added a “watched folder” twice, pointing to the same storage location.

Can you please share a screenshot of your Roon -> Settings -> Storage tab from your iPhone? Do you by any chance have your music library listed twice in that listing?

– Noris

It looks that way, see attached. How do I delete one of the two, and which one should I delete?

Hi @Greg_Johnson1,

Just as I suspected, it is listed twice and this is likely the cause of the behavior. I would go ahead and press the 3-dot drop-down menu for the second option in that list and hit “disable”.

The first listing there includes the entire music folder (soncitransporter/storage/music) and it looks like iTunes is just a sub-folder of music, so no need to have that listed twice.

– Noris

Do i delete the top or bottom one?


I would say disable the bottom one. You can press the 3-dot drop down next to it -> disable.

– Noris

Did not work. I still have multiples of albums and songs. I tried disabling top and bottom. Is it possible it is the app that is the problem due to having then deleting roon once as a trial with a mac mini core, then reinstalling it with the sonic transporter as the core? Maybe app is reading old and new? I dunno. I preferred audirvana to roon with the mac mini but prefer the sonic transporter and roon to mac mini with audirvana

Hi @Greg_Johnson1,

No, I don’t think this is related. You would have had two separate databases here, the SonicTransporter has it’s own database and the Mac Mini should have had it’s own when you had the old trial. I would make sure that you are connected to the SonicTransporter as the Core in both the iOS apps and the Roon Remote on the Macbook, you can find this in Roon Settings -> General and it should list the SonicTransporter as the Core.

Can you try disabling the bottom option again and then reboot the SonicTransporter + quit and re-launch the iOS apps? Is there any change after doing so?

– Noris

No change, did not work

Hi @Greg_Johnson1,

Have you tried reinstalling the iOS app yet? I would check this aspect next to see if it triggers any change. The process should be:

  1. Make sure that only the primary music folder is enabled in Roon Settings -> Storage (and not the second additional one)
  2. Optionally send me a screenshot of this page to confirm
  3. Go back to the iOS main menu page, press and hold on the Roon Remote app until an X pops up
  4. Remove the Roon Remote app and reinstall from the iOS App Store

– Noris

Reinstalling the app with the other folder disabled didn’t work

So after reinstalling the app, I have a playlist, and I notice I need both folders to get all songs to play. Some songs come from one folder and some songs come from the other folder. Disabling one folder immediately tells me which songs are “unavailable”. This is damned frustrating already. Both folders say they scanned the same 2400 odd songs, too.

Hi @Greg_Johnson1,

If you have added tracks from the two different folders to your playlists then this behavior can occur, and since some tracks from the playlist are referencing one of the folder location and other tracks are referencing the second folder location, Roon would consider these two tracks as separate even if they share the same file path.

I can’t guarantee that this will resolve the issue, but let’s try the following procedure to see if it will help:

  1. Make a Backup of your current Roon database and save it somewhere safe
  2. Disable the first “Music folder” and Remove (not disable) the second “/Music/iTunes” folder
  3. Reboot your Core
  4. Enable just the first “Music Folder” storage location
  5. See if the duplicates went away and if the playlists are still intact