Multiple Volume disc handled incorrect [Resolved]


I’ve (for example) a multi-disc set named “Bird: The Complete Charlie Parker on Verve” consisting of 10 CDs. I gave every CD the TITLE “Bird: The Complete Charlie Parker on Verve - CD x” in which x stand for a number from 1 to 10. I’ve also given the DISC tag a number corresponding to the x in the TITLE.

When I look to this album in Roon only Disc 1,2 and 8 are recognized and for example track 1 shows up multiple times on a selected disc. To me this looks very much like a bug.

To illustrate this problem I’ve uploaded some (partial) screenshots from MediaMonkey (top 2) and Roon (bottem).

Kind regards,
Jan de Ruijter

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Have a read of this FAQ: How can I ensure multi disc sets and box sets are identified properly? in the Roon Knowledge Base and see if it helps.

Hi Carl,

I’ve setup the album exactly according to the mentioned FAQ but it doesn’t work as might be expected.

Kind regards,

Sometimes when Roon gets it wrong, it can be down to folder/file naming and/or bad metadata.
Renaming/Moving the folders & files around after this does not always help, because Roon has previously been down the previous path and these retained links in the DB can hinder recovery. So it’s worth trying this workflow to give Roon the best chance of being able to do automatically identify the music:

  • Move the folders/files out of the watched folder, to a temporary place.
  • Update Roon DB: Settings --> Storage --> 3 Dots --> Force Rescan (If SMB share has trouble with Realtime scanning).
  • Remove all trace of them from the Roon database: Settings --> Library - Clean Up Library (there will be a count of the tracks that are “missing”).
  • Check the imbedded metadata for each file is correct (use your preferred tag editor).
  • Move the files back into the watched folder and let Roon find and identify them from scratch.

Once done, see how it looks in Roon and use Roon’s editing tools [fixing errors] to correct any remaining anomalies.
If there is anything still amiss after than post the specifics on here for further advice.

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can I also suggest doing a Force Rescan of the watched folder as a step 2, before the clean up. I cannot rely on Roon to detect watched folder changes (Synology NAS), so there is nothing to clean up until it has rescanned the folder.


Hi Tony, Good call I’ve added this step:

  • Update Roon DB: Settings --> Storage --> 3 Dots --> Force Rescan (If SMB share has trouble with Realtime scanning).

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Hi Cooperators,

I’ve removed the “Charlie Parker” folder completely (copied to an offline destination) and executed a “Force Rescan”. Charlie Parker wasn’t available anymore.

Using MediaMonkey I checked the “Charlie Parker” folder and moved it back to the “watched folder”. After that I executed a “Forece Rescan” again but I still get three “Discs” instead of 10.

When Editting a track I see the “Media Number” being “1”

When I look at the same track using MediaMonkey I see the DISC tag being numbered “3”

I’m giving up and through Roon Edit I’ll get the “Media Number” of each track correct (mention this concerns about 180 tracks). Next to that it looks like a bug to me (and I’m willing to provide Roon with needed information to solve this).

Kind regards,
Jan de Ruijter

Hi again,
Could you confirm that you performed this step in the workflow list I suggested?

It’s quite important as just moving the files out and forcing a rescan does not remove the metadata from the Roon DB.
(It is retained by design, so import dates, edits etc. are not lost in case you are just moving file to a different location.)

Hi Carl,

I’ve executed in this sequence:

  1. Moved folder to offline location
  2. Force Rescan
  3. Clear Library (seeing number missing tracks)
  4. Move folder to “Watched”
  5. Force Rescan

BUT no positive result, problem is still the same.

BTW I also looked into the folder using MP3TAG just to exclude a malfunction of MediaMonkey but MP3TAG shows the same as MediaMonkey.

Kind regards,
Jan de Ruijter

Are you sure that you’ve set up the album exactly according to (one of the right ways) in the mentioned FAQ? That screenshot you posted doesn’t look quite right. It’s almost as though you’ve got the album set up in the way that the FAQ explicitly says does not work:

One thing that likely won’t work is having all the discs of a box set separated into album-level directories, like this:
Miles Davis - The Complete Columbia Album Collection CD1/
01-01 Track.flac
01-02 Track.flac

Miles Davis - The Complete Columbia Album Collection CD2/
02-01 Track.flac
02-02 Track.flac


After Carl pointied to that kb article I renamed the 10 albums so to answer your question yes I followed the kb article by renaming the albums to the same album name.

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Then I assume that this screen shot taken before you changed the folder names and track names, is that correct?

Out of interest which folder / track naming structure did you go for (there’s two in the KB)?

My preference is a bit of a hybrid of examples #1 and #2 which would look a little like this for the box set in question:

  Charlie Parker/
    Bird The Complete Charlie Parker on Verve/
        01-01 Track One.flac
        01-02 Track Two.flac
        02-01 Track One.flac
        02-02 Track One.flac
        10-01 Track One.flac
        10-02 Track One.flac

Note: I did not include the ‘:’ after Bird, as that’s not supported on some file systems e.g. Windows.


The MediaMonkey “path” field not only contains the path but also the filename. I’ve organized my filesystem like:

filename = artist - album title - #track - track title.

As you can see there are 10 “01” tracks etc because it is an 10CD box/album.

But when I look into the properties of a file I see often a value of “1” for the tag “#” (which is the DISC tag). So it seems that Roon is handling the files correctly and I have to look into MediaMonkey because the DISC id as shown/set by MediaMonkey doesn’t update the “#” attribute of the corresponding file.

Will be continued.
Jan de Ruijter

Are there other albums in the same “Charlie Parker” folder?

Yip they all are.

Just discovered 22 albums missing out of a directory containing 24.

Roon import scan is not reliable, at least in my case. So I revert to J River which has proven to be reliable.

But thanks for everyone’s collaboration!

Sorry to lose you, but please be aware that if you have tracks from different albums in the same folder, the FLAC (or other) file tags really need to be unambiguous for Roon to differentiate them.

The big difference between Roon and jriver is that you can see the last discs imported in a view and can make bulk tag adjustments simply, e.g. Renaming all cds to the same album name and artist which automatically bulks them

Roon doesn’t really allow for simple tag editing hence missing a disc requires a lot more manual input.

I too decided jriver was better for me at this stage but I still wonder …


Using MP3TAG (high praise for MP3TAG) I’ve been able to restructure my file-system to an artist\album\tracks structure (2600+ albums). Roon correctly recognizes all multi-volume disc albums after this restructuring.

I’m still a bit puzzeled why MP3TAG was able to recognize albums from the ID3v2.3 album TAG as Roon obvisiously isn’t always able but everything seems oke now (Roon even was able to scan some 60 extra albums).

So for me this issue is solved/closed.


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