Multiple Zones Syncing


I am currently streaming roon through a Bluesound node 2i to my system.
Recently purchased a naim muso qb2. I haven’t placed it in my house yet since I am away.
I am planning to have 3 zones. One with the node2i (going optical into a separate dac/amp for headphones), one with the muso (bedroom next door) and a third main one (probably cambridge cxn v2 replacing the node).

The core is ethernet wired nuc rock, and my wifi is very strong. The node2i and cambridge (?) will be in the same room as the core and router. It is a small living room and up to now I have had 0 issues with wifi from core to node.

If I complete the installment will I have delays and latency between the 3 zones in case I want them all to play synced? (given that in one of three cases, i.e the node, there is a separate dac involved)

Looking at Roon’s partner page you’ll see all your endpoints being Roon Ready.
Grouping is explained in layman’s terms here.

All will work just like magic…
Happy listening, and don’t forget to browse the readily available documentation before asking a question for the Nth time.

Nth time?
I am aware of RAAT and roon ready products. I have bought them. I know what I purchased and of course I have read similar threads first.

The specific part of the question was if the outboard dac to which the node2i will output signal, is going to disturb the syncing.

Thank you for your input.

In the setup for a device, you can specify a delay should you need to.

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… edited in during or after my answering the original post … so no need to get all puffed up about it.

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Peace. it is just music. Thanks again for the input though…You definitely took the time to reply.
I edited probably during your response yes. I had the wrong part in bold.

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Thanks for getting back - guess I’ve been a little short tempered myself…

Anyways, even your external DAC should be in sync, since RAAT should take care of that.

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