Multiroom capability enhancement

This might be a feature that would prove to be very difficult or even impossible to introduce, but it’s something that would definitely enhance my experience with Roon.

I currently run 4 Roon end-points in my house, but they are all ‘different’ and so the use of the multiroom is not currently available for any combination of these end-points. I have the Sonore microRendu with Mytek DAC in one system, a Linn streamer in another and Google Chromecast and Airplay for the remaining two.

Would it be simply technically impossible to cater for multi-room with any combination of these end-points or would it just be technically difficult and so a potential feature for the future?

This has been addressed before by the devs. If I remember correctly, it would take a lot of work and even then the end result might be less than satisfactory for some users.

Yep trying to get all those different protocols to clock the same would be a nightmare. You look at any multiroom system out there none allows what Roon currently does and they only work on the same protocol and hardware specs/ manufacturers. Linn only Linn, Naim only Naim and that’s limited to certain models. Sonos, heos, list goes on.