Multiroom setup with in ceiling speakers

I currently play Roon in my main listening room using an Optical Rendu as the endpoint into a Peachtree Nova 300 playing through B&W speakers. The Roon Core runs on a SonicTransporter in a closet under the stairs. Wireless hop using Eero mesh network, ethernet into the Rendu. Also heavily use a BlueSound Pulse in the kitchen. Works great.

We are about to redo our kitchen and dining room. Would love to put a pair of speakers in the ceiling of each room, each as it’s own zone, and be able to sync all zones together. The current BlueSound syncs perfectly with the Optical Rendu.

Can anyone suggest gear to make this work? I’d like it to sound decent, but killer sound quality isn’t necessary. I can imagine a small inexpensive amp for each room (kitchen and dining room) to drive the speakers, but what should I use as an end point?

Since we’ll be doing construction running wires is possible.

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