Multisite Roon: any chance?

Well yes local play info is not (afaik) a 2 way thing with the streaming services.

Sorry, but I do not understand the discussion. Take a core and install a VPN server in the same network, through which you can log in to the core from the outside. The VPN server is probably already available in your router. That’s why VPNs were invented, to be able to navigate in different places like in a local network. - By the way, you can also connect several local networks to one VPN.

  1. VPN config for Roon is not easy, as every Roon device must be on the same subnet.
  2. There are plenty of VPN insecurity issues reported, the last thing I need is security worries when I’m trying to just enjoy music.

An interesting view! My experience with a router type Synology RT2600ac:

  • Setting up a VPN service is very simple.
  • To set up a site-to-site VPN, you need a license and, for example, two Synology RT2600ac routers.
  • Roon does not know if a client is coming from the same LAN or a physically remote one.
  • VPN is secure. It depends only on the configuration and is, therefore, standard technology for cross-location working in business environments.
  • My experience from last vacation: great. Turn on the VPN and stream music from Roon over VPN to your local device.


I use Infuse subscription software for my film collection that sync’s your library database, preferences, even where you left off watching a movie across tvOS, MacOS, iOS and iPadOS. You can even upload your entire collection to the cloud or download individual movies for offline viewing to your devices.

It cant be that difficult to understand that these are features that should be baked into the software, its great that you have work-arounds that you can set up but why is it so hard to see that users want this function built into Roon.

Would it not make that software more appealing and easier to use?
I am a very busy father and I don’t have time to investigate and set up your work-around.

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