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Sometimes when I add a multitrack composition to a playlist that I play in shuffle mode, I want the individual tracks of that composition to play together in order. Sometimes, I want the individual tracks to be randomly shuffled with all the other tracks of the playlist. How can I arrange to do both of these things?

Thanks, Jim

In my experience this happens without needing to do anything, it’s roon’s natural way of shuffling. Have you had something else happen?

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Sorry Stan…Which behaviour happens for you when shuffle playing the playlist?
A) the individual tracks of that composition play together in order.
B) the individual tracks are randomly shuffled in with all the other tracks of the playlist.

I get behaviour A.

Thanks, Jim

A) individual tracks of a composition play together. When I suffle a playlist the order in the playlist, of course, does not change. The queue does show the shuffled playlist and the tracks of a composition are together and in order and the compositions are what is shuffled. The screen clip below shows that it is compositions that have been shuffled and that the parts will play in order. The tracks that are singletons (just show time and not number of parts) are indeed pieces with just one track.

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