Multizone Airplay 2 input switching

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Cisco C9300L switches, router Cisco 2911. Nad CI 580 V2 streamer. Core and streamer is wired. Devices airplaying to streamer via Cisco Access Points

Connected Audio Devices

NAD CI 580 V2

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue


We have a NAD CI 580 V2 streamer, with 4 endpoints which is picked up fine in Roon. I am able to play and group all the zones fine. But the following scenario is creating a bit of a problem.

Say I am grouping all 4 zones and playing to them. If another device then connects to airplay of any of the endpoints and start playing, the music then stops in all other zones as well.

The following message appears in Roon: “Roon lost control of the audio device because the audio was switched”

This is not really ideal, because I might have used the whole house before for multiroom audio playback. Now later on when I am in my room, and someone else in the living room airplays in there, the whole group gets shut down and my music stops in my room.

Is there some sort of setting that I can set that when a grouped endpoint is taken over by another device, that it just removes the endpoint from the group, or that the previous music just continues playing in the other zones?

Not sure if this is an Airplay 2 or NAD function that you cannot ungroup the music like that.

Any help is appreciated

I just tried something similar. I grouped two HomePod Minis to play in Roon directly from the Core. Then I used my iPhone to play to one of the Minis via iTunes/AirPlay and the Roon stream stopped. I believe this is an Apple AirPlay design issue that allows devices to take control, which then affects grouped AirPlay devices in Roon.

Not sure there is a solution in Roon as grouping and ungrouping endpoints is a manual process. You may want to request this a feature in Roon.

Hi Robert

I tried the same thing using NAD BluOS controller, but there I am not even able to connect to any of the devices via Airplay, except the zone which created the group. Maybe BluOS decided to stop connection to a zone if it is a slave in a group because it would stop all music like in Roon, but this is not ideal either, since there might be situations where other people might want to airplay to a single zone and will have to reclaim it but now cant even connect.

I dont think that Apple grouping is the issue, because I can connect and reclaim multiple zones just fine when just using the Airplay function.

Somewhere in the Roon and/or NAD BluOS software there is a grouping issue that does not work properly in this scenario.

When you mention

Is this grouping in Roon, the BluOS app, or on Apple devices?

Ive created groups and ungrouped them in Roon, BluOS and on Apple Devices to test all and see where the fault lies. Only Apple devices work properly when reclaiming a zone.

That’s what I thought and similar to my experience. Let’s see if support has any suggestions when they return to work tomorrow.

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