Music Album File Import form NAS [Fixed]

I have 2 copies of Cantate Domino, one in DSD64 and the other in 128. Only the single rate album has made it into Roon. How can I get the higher res album across as well. I have read the topic and basics.

Hi @Mike_Lewis ----- Thank you for report and sharing your feedback with us. Can you please confirm the following for me:

  1. If you click on “view” next to Skipped Files in the “library” tab found under settings are you seeing the 128 version of Cantate Domino? If so what is the reason being listed as to why the content was not exported?

  2. If you navigate to the to the DSD64 version in your library are you seeing the “other versions” option as seen in the example below?

  1. If you navigate to the “general” tab found under settings and turn on “Show hidden albums” does the content become available?


Thanks Eric, I have gone though and made all the checks suggested with a negative. Eventually, I looked at both source files and found the track listings were completely different inside the original Acoustic Sounds downloads. Mozart Requiem came as 128 Cantate Domino. Hmm. So downloaded in another guise. Fixed :blush:

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