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Hey now! Really stupid question. I found a file in my Mac OS “Trash” . Folder is called Music Backups. I open it and there is a sub folder titled RoonBackups with many subfolders of its own. Not sure how it got to trash, I’m sure it’s user error. Regardless I would like to return this folder to the proper spot in my Roon setup. Can anyone tell me where this is supposed to go? Or, can I just delete it and assume Roon will start a new backup folder?

Any thoughts would be welcome.


Leo you might want to be careful here as if new backups have been created since this was deleted, it might cause chaos to your Roon Backups.
I would suggest going into Settings ->Backups and check the status of your backups and then look to browse them and see if they can be found.

If all looks good it will be safe to delete that folder at a later date.

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@Leo_Senn, I agree completely with what @Michael_Harris states. Check the status of your Roon backups from within Roon first, don’t delete anything. As a side note, it is best to manage deletion of Roon backups directly from within Roon.

Maybe take the folder out of your Trash and place it somewhere you can find at a later time until you can confirm Roon is backing up its files according to how you scheduled and configured Roon to do so.

Robert & Michael,

Thanks for your input. All is good again!


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@Leo_Senn, I marked this as solved. Can you post what you did to your system?

I verified that I had Roon backup files. After that, I did an immediate backup, just to be safe. . Then I deleted the folder appearing in my trash.

Thanks to all!



Thank you Leo, and glad you are up and running again.

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