Music consumption by genre, USA only

I thought this was an interesting set of figures

Probably makes Tidal happy, Qobuz not so much :sunglasses:


Indeed. This explores the SoundCloud Rap phenomenon

Thanks for posting that.

As a (primarily) classical and jazz listener, that’s pretty depressing!

Puts in to perspective the focus roon has though!

I guess my take on that is that Classical and Opera are so dramatically harder to model in all the variants that people want that it’s just a 18,000% tougher nut to crack.

As a former database architecture guy, I can see an infinite number of ways to model classical and opera, but every one involves compromises of end-user complexity vs. detailed righteousness. A really tough challenge.

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Classical generally requires more metadata - libretti, detailed work and performance information etc and its lack has been one of the great frustration of listening to classical music in the digital environment. It does not surprise me that many classical music lovers continue to prefer physical media. This is why Qobuz is much better at streaming classical music than all the competitors (whatever the sound quality issues) as Qobuz now provides the booklet for most new releases and re-releases and Roon itself provides a lot of information readily to hand (eg composer, performer and composition details). One of the great joys with Qobuz integration with Roon is that the booklet has been made available through Roon. The integration of Roon and Qobuz has transformed the digital classical music listening experience.

That sounds great. I’ll have to check it out.