Music cutting out

When I listen to music using BluOS App all my speakers sound great, when I use the Roon App the music cutout ever few minutes, I find this very annoying
Does anyone else have this issue
I prefer the Roon presentation, but the sound quality is not there

I had a similar issue when listening to music from Tidal, but it disappeared when I used an ethernet cable from the modem instead of using WiFi.

That sucks then because I have 6 Pulse2 , 2 node2 and 1 power node, the idea was the becall wireless
Works great with bluos, but I would like to have the Roon GUI, it’s such a nice presentation
I hope thus gets fixed
Thanks for the info

My problem was not related to Roon though, I had even more problems with the Tidal app. Its just that WiFi, especially in an apartment where lots of people around you also have WiFi, can be a little unreliable for streaming.

But if the BluOS app is working good, and uses the same WiFi, then the problem is probably somewhere else, unless you stream higher quality files in Roon (bigger in size).

Someone with a similar setup as you might know more, I have a simple computer -> USB DAC -> powered speakers setup.