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Earlier today all was working fine. Now, without any obvious reason I can’t access my library - it states ‘the directory is not available, check the directory or edit this folder if it’s been moved.’
It worked two hours ago, and now not.
Nothing is disconnected and all operating lights are on. I can still play from tidal.
Music-NAS\music is listed as disabled
Any ideas?

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Welcome to the community, @Mary_Lowths!

It seems that Roon cannot see your NAS. I suspect you have accidentally disabled it in settings.

To change this, Go to Settings > Storage and on the line for your NAS, click on the ellipsis (right-hand side) and click Enable.

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Reboot the nas…and I would use a fixed IP address for the nas and use that as the named entry instead of music-nas

Fill in the details requested might be of some help to offers of assistance too.


Thanks for those.
No, it’s not disabled in settings. I can see 19 albums but not the other 500. The 19 are albums I have downloaded from tidal.
The NAS has a fixed IP address.

Please share a screenshot of Roon storage settings, and the location of the TIDAL albums you’ve downloaded (although I wasn’t aware that you could buy and download music from TIDAL.)

Hi @Mary_Lowths ,

Is there any change in behavior if you reboot your Roon Core and/or networking gear? Please do share a screenshot of your Storage page when you have a chance, thanks!

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