Music discovery done right

The biggest frustration with music discovery for me is, that it all is based on genres, artist comparison and such. What if there exists a service or code that recommends music to you, that analyzes or fingerprints music in a completly different way, the same way as humans perceive music? And based on that, recomend music from either your own library or the multiple online services? This code seemst to exist with Clio
Have you ever considered to add such a code to roon, that would make it worth while for me to spend the money you are asking. Besides it would be the coolest feature of all. I dont want to choose or klick through my library. i want to discover or rediscover based on a track the way it sounds or the mood I am in etc.


We kick this idea around every few years, but we’ve never moved forward with it. It’s a neat idea, and seems like a nice way to browse/listen. This is a big project with a lot of product and technical considerations.

Often the up-front audio analysis is very expensive, and usually there’s an additional expensive step required to re-build correlations within your music collection when new content is added. Sometimes, but not always (depending on the implementation), there’s a hefty data storage requirement associated with each track, too. Getting access to the audio content from streaming services and then processing their collections is another hurdle. Nothing impossible here, and something that we will definitely again in the future.

Thanks Brian for your comprehensive answer.
Like many other readers here, I am using jRiver & foobar, some reasons for me are library management and that includes dynamic range scanning and tagging, (also can be done within foobar) which takes a lot of resources, problably more than the fingerprinting would need.
Yet, it is still done by many users for the sake of library comparison in case someone has more than one of the same album.
Correct, the correlation needs to be dynamic- then.
There was once a player called Muffin Player, that did all that, and I loved it, but they stopped supporting the player.
Data storage should be no issue today I presume since even all my music can be stored today on a single 8TB HD.
I would be very happy to have this feature initially just for my own library locally without streaming service,however, the real sexiness definitley lies in discovering music you dont know, not listening to the same song or album or artist again and again.

Agreed, this sounds very close to what musicip did, would be great to be able to playlist this way again.

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Hi Brian, ever moved ahead with this project suggested 5 years ago? I am an active Roon user today, but am still not happy with how Roon Radio selects songs, and I am certainly not the only one unhappy about this feature.

Well, we have yet to have audio analysis for the streaming services and that probably has to happen first I imagine.

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Maybe I am naive, but they (Services) should have implemented this years ago already, otherwise how would they ever offer a good music recommendation system for anyone, or wait, maybe you are right, maybe that’s why they all suck at it :grinning: