Music file backup from roon core

Hi, is there a way I can simply backup my roon music files from my roon core which has my 1tb memory drive. thank you.

You’ll need a third-party solution to backup your music files, it’s not built-in to Roon.

This thread names a few candidates:

Thanks Geoff, once the music files are in the roon core, then I will be unable to get them out again to copy or backup?

Er no. I use Allway sync running on my desktop PC to access the internal HDD in my ROCK-based NUC. No problem.

Thanks very much

Amazon’s Cloud, which goes by the name Amazon Photo and also by Amazon Drive–3 names, same service–has backed up the music files I have on a USB drive that is connected to my Nucleus. (It’s also backed up the photo and video files on a different USB drive that is connected to my router.) This was easy to do. The alternative recommended elsewhere in these responses, call Allway Sync, I couldn’t get to work well. Amazon has some support. Allway had none or it was poor - I don’t recall.