Music File Tagging

New to Roon, and am wondering if I should modify my “usual procedures” when tagging music files. Those procedures include running SongKong to add Metadata, mood, and genre information from Discogs and MusicBrainz, then Foobar2000 to add replay gain information, and then MusicIP for it’s fingerprinting. Then I run MP3Tag to fix other issues (which there are often many).

Can I stop doing any of these things when running Roon (rather than Logitech Media Server as I had been)?

Yeah, absolutely. Virtually all of my library is un-tagged/un-managed.

Here’s an example. 6 FLAC files in a directory. No tags, no identifying information.

After pointing Roon at the folder, this is what comes out:

No automatic system is 100%. There will be cases where Roon needs some help to figure things out, but by and large, the goal is for the right thing to happen automatically.

The only caveat I’d put on not tagging is it’s not going to be pretty when you make MP3 for the car, phone etc.

RoonCarTM will sort that :slight_smile:

Nice. Think of all the time I’ll save…

Thats very nice! So just curious how is this achieved ? Roon actually plays the tracks, matches them to some cloud signature and figures out ?

It is also mentioned system cannot be 100% right all the time and might need some help to figure. Can it be written here what help that is needed?. I mean I have exact issue. Although the track01, track02 are listed under the Album, but the track names and tags etc are missing. I forgot which album but if i come across i will take screen shot and paste it here.

Can Roon save the metadata in files or only in the DB? I’m curious since I can’t understand the edit panel.

Only in its DB - it does NOT touch the file metadata!

This is what Export is for.

More infor here.

So using export I can have my own roon powered library. Cool.