Music Files analysis using MusicScope

Recently I downloaded MusicScope and ran some test on 2L test bench music downloads with some surprises results…

This is a 24/96k title: Mozart Violin concerto in D major Allegro:

The resolution looks pretty excellent approaching ~20 bit resolution and frequency response all the way to 45kHz

Now when I switch to the same title but recorded at 24/352.4k (original DXD master) it looks like this:

Notice it dipped down to around 45kHz and slowly started to rise up above 48kHz. I’ve tried a coupled of 2L 24/352.4k DXD master and it seemed have a similar response above above 48kHz . Is this ultrasonic noise above 48kHz? It looks to me the DXD master looks more inferior than the down-sampled 24/96k.

Is MusicScope standalone or can you open it within Roon?


Standalone. You simply run the file to see the overall response.

Sorry for being thick! I open MusicScope and then select the song file in my library?


Yes, select a music file to load then play. You should see the response of the graph in real time.