Music files missing in Roon despite being linked to Qobuz (ref#A8TRBB)

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Hello, My music files keep disappearing and it's not Qobuz because when I check the account as attached to Roon all of my favorites and my playlists are there. The files do not show up in Roon. I should have 3,612 albums and over 54k tracks. Thanks

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Standard Router WiFi with eero repeaters. It's not the network.

Please keep all posts on this matter in this original thread, opening an identical new support thread will not help any at all, usually the complete opposite.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Hi @Kermit_E_Heartsong It appears from those 6 Albums showing that 5 are local. Can you confirm that you are actually logged into Qobuz. If you go to settings/Services/Qobuz it will show if you are logged in or not. If it shows you are, however no Qobuz tracks are showing in your Library, I would suggest you Log Out and then Log back in as a first step.

Hi @Kermit_E_Heartsong,

I wanted to check in on your thread here and see if you were still running into issues with your Qobuz library?

Let me know your status, thanks! :+1:

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