Music files without Artist and Album info not loading into ROON

As an example, I have 3 different copies of Queen’s “A Night At The Opera” One copie, an AIFF file with Artist and Title and Album info in the Properties section of the files, was added to ROON during the first scan of my Music Folder in the NAS. I have 2 other copies that I downloaded over the years, one a 96-24 needle drop and the other a 96-24 needle drop if the original first pressing. These lase two copies have no Artist or Album info in the Properties tab of the files. All the properties list as Album is Unknown, and for Artist-Unknown, etc. These 2 version were not discovered by ROON. Please bear with me as I finish this long topic. How can I get ROON to discover and enter these version in it’s data base? I cannot change the Album and Artist fields in the Properties tab of the folders. Can I change the info in the Properties? Is there a way to unlock the fields? I have a lot of folders in my NAS like this that have not been discovered and added by ROON. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.