Music Folder in Storage on Nucleus+

Can anyone tell me where the “Music Folder” under “Storage” in “Settings” on a Nucleus+ pointing? On Windows or Mac it would be the default music folder for the user but I don’t know where it’s pointing on a Nucleus.

I’m assuming that it’s going to be similar to what I see on my NUC running ROCK. Using the Windows Explorer, this is what I see:

The “Internal Storage” folder is the internal HDD that holds my music, and, as far as I know, the name was created by ROCK. The New_Volume_ASMT… folder is an external SSD connected via USB (used to hold Roon Backups). Don’t know where this name came from.

InternalStorage is it.

Thanks! That’s it!

just reading through the Nucleus documentation (out of interest), and I see here that:

After the format is completed, you will be able to see the storage in Roon as “Music Folder”

Is this a change? Because at one time the folder was called “InternalStorage”?

In Roon, it is called Nucleus+ Internal Storage (it was called Music Folder in older software)

In the share, it is called Storage\InternalStorage

Thanks for the clarification… I’m easily confused.

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