Music folder location

Just a small problem.

When I look under Storage, Roon reports I have two music folders.

  1. Roon Optimized Core Kit Internal Storage -
    12552 tracks imported

  2. \rock\data >storage > InternalStorage > Music
    connected 12557 tracks imported

I definately only have one music SSD loaded in my NUC. I am only offered the option to delete the second location.

This seems to cause two problems. I am offered two versions of each album, one from each location.

I use an old Squeezebox and have to select My Music each time it boots because I assume it sees the two music libraries.

Am I OK deleting the second locarion?

Yes, you can and should delete the second location. When an additional internal drive is installed in a NUC, the OS automatically sets it up as a watched folder. Any music on this drive will be located, even if it is in subfolders.

As far as the squeezebox goes, it sounds like it is seeing an LMS server as well as a Roon core. Make sure you do not have LMS still running on the same network.

Hi Michael

many thanks for your help, much appreciated.