Music folder vanished

This morning I was playing music without issue. The album ended and I went to my Roon remote PC to pick something else. As I approached the PC, the screen went blank and the album, tracks, lyrics etc. readings all instantly dropped to zero. On the albums page there was a dialogue box in the middle of the screen that said one of my storage locations had gone offline. I went to my main remote machine and checked that the folder was still there. It showed in Windows and it showed on the QNAP server on which it sits. However, when I went to the settings page of Roon to reconnect it, it wasn’t there. All the other folders on the server’s drive showed normally but the music folder was missing from the list. Refreshing the page didn’t work and reinstalling the Roon remote application didn’t work. Restarting the Core did bring it back but Roon didn’t seem able to just reconnect to it. It is now in the process of rescanning and finding every album in that folder as it did when I first installed Roon and set up my server a year ago. I’ve never seen this behaviour before and I’m interested to know what happened because initially I thought I’d lost everything and that was scary.

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