Music for an Ice Storm

So, since it is an official Snow Day. I was wondering what you might play for such an occasion.

I am going with upbeat sunny music for the morning and early afternoon, a la Beach Boys, and then mellowing into some jazz with a fire in late afternoon.

So, to start things off…

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OK, that didn’t last long. Halfway through the second song, one of the large limbs of a pine tree broke off and fell across the road. Had to go out in the snow, chainsaw the @#$# out of it, and drag it off, in peices, to the side to unblock the road. Thing prob weighed half a ton easy, especially with all the wet snow.

So now I’m changing my tunes…


I say just trance out and wait till it stops.

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I need music to reflect the fact I’m stuck in NYC…

Just go see Turandot at the Met tonight!

Fine idea but I already made dinner plans which I can’t change.

Isn’t it meant to be spring?

Yes, yes it is. (Sigh)

For an ice storm, try the Vivaldi cello sonatas. Wonderfully sunny stuff. Also, an album titled “Une Symphonie Imaginaire.” Great, warm tunes.

On the pop side, I’d go with Bill Withers.

I always play this in snowy weather.

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