Music from Ukraine

I’ve been quite taken by this group the last couple of months. Given the trouble in Ukraine, posting some amazing intensity and beauty coming from DakhaBrakha:


This album is very relevant to the current situation especially track 2. It’s good listen too!


Thanks, I’ll give a listen tonight!

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More Ukraine!

Thanks for mentioning DakhaBrakha. I’m really enjoying their albums.

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Saw these in a North Yorkshire church a lot of years ago now. The performance was split between orthodox and Ukrainian folk, as is the 2 CD set I bought there. Very nice…

If you haven’t yet listened to DakhaBrakha (I just learned that it means “GiveTake”), check 'em out. They have gained quite an international reputation in the past year or so. They give themselves the genre or “EthnoChaos”. I think they have a strong element of ecstatic music with many tracks building in intensity to ecstasy!

I just found a video of the band giving a light hearted tour of Kyiv:

Music Vids:

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