Music hesitating when playing

Could be related to my earlier reporting of music stops playing. I’m also experiencing music occasionally hesitates while playing (stop/start) on one song. I’m accessing my music files from a NAS.

Does this only happen when streaming via the Devialet driver, or does it also happen when playing via other outputs as well?

I’ve been having issues sending 24/192 files out thrrough RoonSpeakers to coax S/PDIF. I get a bunch of hesitation, drop outs, looped sounds at around the 20 to 30 sec. time-frame.

I’m using USB mostly now as Devialet AIR is not stable. I will try the Mac’s standard output and see if the problem persists.

Music hesitating (start & stop playing) issue still remain in Roon 1b21. Music is played on Core direct, file from NAS.

This hesitation during playback on local/NAS music is really annoying. For streaming music I can understand due to many indeterministic internet connection issues. But happening to local music playback when my Core and NAS are wired is not.

Edit: This is on USB playback.

Hey Gary – what NAS are you using? How is it configured in Roon?

My NAS is QNAP TS-212P. It is configured as watched folder.