Music in External Drive & iTunes settings


I am using Roon at work.
While the original setting is:

  1. iTunes folder (The one with .itl, .xml files) still in Users\Music\iTunes.
  2. In iTunes Preferences\Advanced, the iTunes Media folder location is pointed to the External Drive (storing 1TB music)

I started Roon with Watched Folder ONLY (did not enable Organized Folder), pointing to the External Drive while leaving iTunes Music Library & Music Folder DISABLED. Roon folder also disabled.

The problems are:

  1. I have no idea how to import the existing iTunes playlists to Roon.

  2. Could you explain what will happen when I enable iTunes Music Library, Music Folder, Organized Folders and Roon Folder?

Thank you so much in advance.

While waiting for reply, I am doing the playlists from scratch…

  1. There is no Playlist Folder.
  2. I was organizing the playlists Ive made. Albums duplicate when I merge playlists. E.g. Playlist A (an album with14 tracks) merges with Playlist B (an album with 16 tracks), end up with a playlist C with 60 tracks… Both A & B have an exact duplicate at the below of playlist C…