Music in watched Roon Folder duplicating, not recognizing moves/deletions [Fixed]

I’ve been adding some new files to the watched Roon folder. I like that it will take a messy and poorly named unzipped folder from NativeDSD and clean up all the file and folder names. Unfortunately, the Roon Folder isn’t catching deletions and moves I’m making in the Roon Folder, even after rescanning, so I have duplicates of almost everything I have added.

I tried doing a library cleanup, which helped some, but Roon is still showing some non-existent files in my library. Worse still, if I try to delete the album it won’t do it, saying ‘File not Found’.

Any ideas?

(On Mac OS X 11.4 running Roon 1.1, build 102)

What kind of storage device are you using?

Local RAID 0 array connected to an iMac.

Hello @muski,

What happens when you restart the app, does it see the changes made in watched folders ?

@mike @vova I don’t know if you remember but I saw this once as well. At that time we couldn’t find a solution. There’s probably an old ticket for it somewhere.

Seems to be fixed in 1.2. I’ll report back if I see it again.