Music internal storage

I have been using roon with windows, Want to use Rock, loaded rock on a separate SSD and left my 6tb hdd plugged into the mother board. Rock is up and running remotely as expected, but does not see the internal hdd with all the music. I have rebooted windows 10 and the HDD is there and has all the files. Any help with getting Rock to see this HDD?

Rock will see the hdd but will overwrite everything on it. You will probably need to initialise it through the gui but that won’t help. In the first instance you could remove it and put it in a usb case and use it that way. This might help explain.

The music on an internal hard drive is not detected by Rock (unfortunately). But Rock recognizes the hard drive and offers to format it as internal storage. DO’NT DO THAT! Because all your music will be deleted. The only thing you can do is to remove the internal disk and connect via USB as an external disk. As it said @Tony_Reimann. This USB disk can easily be incorporated into Rock.

For the future I would like to see that Rock recognizes internal disks with content as such and that integration is possible.

Thanks for the response, this all makes sense now that you’ve explained it. Looking for an opinion here, should I just delete my six terabyte internal and then paste everything to the share folder in roon from my backup Drive?

what are you installing ROCK on? just checking to make sure youve confirmed it indeed does work with your machine, since it clearly isn’t an officially supported NUC if your internal drive is 6tb.

It’s a custom built PC. I have been using it with both an external usb3 and a nas. I’ve also used this hard drive on three other motherboards experimenting. It worked every time. However, this was my first attempt at an internal hard drive. Thanks again for following up.

That would be the most elegant solution. If you have your files on another PC that is easily possible. For copying you only need about 8 hours :sunglasses: